About Us

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Our Mission

Fideicomiso Comunitario Tierra Libre (FCTL) was formed in 2019 when community members from Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles decided to fight gentrification by forming an organization that could take land and housing off the speculative market and put it into community control. Together we strive for the cultivation of space for the most vulnerable members in the neighborhood to be able to have a voice and live in what is being developed in their community.

We know that our communities, communities of people of color have been historically disinvested, and vulnerable to regional economic changes, and COVID-19 only highlights the vulnerability of our communities as we see more and more of our neighbors falling sick to the Coronavirus because of the lack to accessibility to housing with dignity.

Meet Our Board

Our board members come from different sectors of the East LA/Boyle Heights community and are invested in the success of FCTL’s programmatic and land trust work.