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Carlos Ortez

Mechanical Engineer, Naturopath, Social Activist, and owner of the restaurant Un Solo Sol

He was born in Santa Rosa de Lima, La Unión, El Salvador, eastern area of the Thumbelina of the Americas. He grew up in San Salvador, the capital city, since he was 6 years old. He receives comprehensive education at the Colegio Externado San José directed by Jesuit priests from 5th Grade until graduating from High School with added knowledge in Physics and Mathematics.He immigrated to the United States in 1980 at the age of 18. In 1988, he graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from California State University in Long Beach.

He dedicates his entire successful career as an engineer to improving the environment as a designer of contaminated soil and water treatment systems, and as an environmental regulator within the Regional Water Quality Control Board in Los Angeles, an agency of the State of California, of where he decides to retire at an early age in 2017. Since 1992 to date, he is dedicated to the study of natural medicine, which he puts into practice with family, friends and co-workers, and himself. In 2005, already based on his passion for natural health, he created Un Solo Sol Food Services offering healthy food to private and charter schools in Los Angeles. In 2010, it ended its service to the schools and began operations of Un Solo Sol Kitchen in the Boyle Heights community east of Downtown Los Angeles, with an affordable, homemade, healthy and eclectic menu for the entire metropolitan area and its multiple ethnicities. From his 16 years to date, he has maintained a very close link with the social and pacifist struggle at the local and global level. In a preferential way, its framework of action focuses on community empowerment and the creation of social movements that are guarantors of the transformation of society so that it favors the poor majorities and not the privileged minorities: justice.

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