Get Involved

Here are some way you can join us

Membership Meetings

FIRST TUESDAY of each month. We welcome any new and continuing members to our meetings where we discuss ongoing projects, updates on current and future developments, education on land trusts, and general updates to the FCTL workings.

Board of Directors Meetings

SECOND TUESDAY of each month and is dedicated to official board members only. The board is comprised of a 2 Co-Presidents, treasurer, community outreach, and secretary. The role of the board is to oversee internal workings of the organization as well as official business with the City of Los Angeles and sister organizations across the city, state and nation. To be a board member you must first become a general member. Elections are held every year.

General Membership/ Committee Meetings

THIRD THURSDAY of each month. This is our general membership meetings where board members and general membership can engage in “convivios.” This is a time to bond, dialogue and learn about each other as community. We have karaoke nights, dance contests, Loteria/Bingo, movie nights and other fun/bonding activities. Couple these activities with good food and lots of laughter makes for a healthy community!

How Do I Become a Member?

It is easy to become a Fideicomiso Tierra Libre member! We welcome all!! You can join by donating 12 hours a year of volunteer work or pay $25 membership per year.

To be a member by donating time all you have to do is sign the FCTL agreement and volunteer 12 hours. To sign up email us here.

If you want to pay to be a member you can send a $25 check here. Make sure to include your full name, address, and phone number.