A. Bayoán Rosselló-Cornier

My name is A. Bayoán Rosselló-Cornier and I’m driven by work that creates tangible equitable outcomes for historically disenfranchised populations, viewing people and conditions through a social justice lens.

Martha Gonzalez

Board Member

My name is Martha Gonzalez, board member of FCTLA, and I know first hand what it is like to struggle with housing issues and the uncertainty of obtaining affordable housing.

Margarita Gonzalez

Board Member

Mi nombre es Margarita Gonzalez y formo parte del fideicomiso comunitario tierra libre para que familias de bajos recursos puedan tener su propia casa.

Jennifer Maldonado

Board Member

My name is Jennifer Maldonado and I joined the board of FCLT to support policies and developments to providing dignified, accessible, and affordable housing for the communities of Boyle Heights and Unincorporated East LA.

Carlos Ortez

Board Member

My name is Carlos Ortez and my work focuses on community empowerment and the creation of social movements that are guarantors of the transformation of society to favor the poor majorities and not the privileged minorities.

Eva Garcia

Board Member

Mi nombre es Eva García, vivo en la comunidad de Boyle heights, participo en varias luchan en mi comunidad haciendo voluntaria con diversas organizaciones.

Fanny Ortiz

Board Co-President

Mi nombre es Fanny Guzman Ortiz, y soy residente de Boyle Heights y co fundadora y Co-Presidente del Fideicomiso Comunitario Tierra Libre (FCTL).